The kit-price now stands at a‚ €7700.00 excl. VAT.

Nibor Kart Complete

Without engine and wheels.

Who Are We?

Nibor Kart has taken over the development and manufacturing of Schermankart. The brand has evolved over several years by Bo and Dennis Scherman to being a super-modern design without compromise.

This development is now managed and refined by Stefan Malm, Peter Melander and Robin Nilsson.

What do we do?

We are still active and compete a lot in this way we equip our experience we can share with us to the second Scherman drivers.

Our goal is to be among the very best. That we have a kart that is easy to adjust for different tracks and circumstances, that it should have as low a weight as possible so that even the heavier drivers to have a chance.

What's to be expected?

What you can expect from us is a kart with the highest quality and a high standard of service within delivering and materials. Our goal is not to be the cheapest but the best available on the market.

The History

Stefan and Robin have been cooperated for a long time and together they have quite the experience, Stefan alone have been driving kart since he was around ten years old and is now beyond the forty limit. This experience that he posses we intend to transfer into our new kart.

We see it as this, the engines has been developed very rapidly while the karts have gone a little bit forgotten. We set out to bring perfection into both the new engines and the modified kart structure that we're using.

When we tested our new product on the market for the first time with Stefan Malm at its rear we managed to collect the second place in the lineup. This is quite the achievement for this type of testing.